October 13, 2015


PROM collection ss16

Everything shines in this collection, inspired in the reflection and enviroment of the PROM, the quintessential American graduation Dance.

All this collection is made up of all that this night represents; and reflects through the clothes personality and interests of each of the students who comes to it.

Silhouetes of party dresses with minimal cuts, straight lines and lightweight flyers creating a layering effect and volumes. Sportif looks with party fabrics, youth and preppy details in the style of 70’s.

Elemental palette color, Black and White in different textures and finishes, actting as dominant colors in this collection, accompanied by Pink dancing Queen and Green Quaterback.

Own designed accesories like backpacks and sneakers complete this collection inspired by American Youth and their desire to live this legendary party.

Prom is party, fun, glitter, music…

Photos by David Catalán
Video Agencia Efe