January 26, 2018

BIAAF, the great fashion event in 2018 according to the Bilbao City Council

Bilbao City Council publishes a guide with the great cultural events of the city in 2018, our international competition is included.

The City Council of Bilbao has presented its cultural program for 2018, under the title “Bilbao: Planeta Cultura”. More than 120 initiatives, including festivals and cultural programs and leisure, organized or supported from the different areas of the City Council and municipal entities such as Bilbao Ekintza, Teatro Arriaga, BilbaoMusika, BilbaoArte or Azkuna Zentroa.

Within this celestial space of culture opens a chapter dedicated to the museums of the city, under the title “Museums: nothing eclipses the Bilbao museum offer”. A large section is also dedicated to the visual arts, “An infinite universe of these arts, from the most traditional to the most current” with mention of programs such as “Amphytrion” (artistic creation project), the activity and offer of entities or cultural facilities such as the BilbaoArte Foundation, the Bilbao International Art & Fashion fashion contest, Arteshop, Bilbao Art District or FIG Bilbao, dedicated to engraving.

Check out the guide here: https://goo.gl/T6fyxN