April 23, 2020

BBK launches the #KREOENTI project to support local commerce

BBK launches the ’Kreo en ti ’, a solidarity web platform (kreoenti.bbk.eus) with which it will support the survival of the small Biscay business.

BBK launches the ’Kreo en ti ’, a solidarity web platform (kreoenti.bbk.eus) with which it will support the survival of the small Biscay business, through the advance purchase that citizens can make through direct bonds to their favorite businesses, redeemable once establishments can reopen their doors.

In view of the situation, BBK presents Kreo en ti, a completely free initiative for businesses, aimed at raising awareness among citizens that only with the support of each and every one of us, will the economic activity of the establishments that They make up our commercial environment, which are what give life to neighborhoods, towns and cities. Thus, there is an anticipated commitment to consumption and purchase in local shops and premises, to maintain this trade and that this supposes an injection of liquidity and solidarity.

Bonuses with € 5 and € 10 gift

Through this platform, consumers will be able to make purchases at their favorite stores. BBK launches two types of bonuses: 10,000 bonuses at a cost of € 15 for the buyer, in addition to € 5 by BBK that allows them to spend € 20. In addition, BBK launches another 5,000 € 30 bonuses to which € 10 is added by the Foundation, which would allow spending € 40 to the buyer.

The vouchers can be exchanged at the establishment, once the Alarm Status is lifted and until December 31, 2020. Each person can acquire up to 2 vouchers and spend them together or separately.

The voucher is not intended for a specific category of product, with it you can buy it in any type of business that has had to close its doors because of the State of Alarm, such as shoe stores, clothing stores, hairdressers, bars, restaurants, bookstores, perfume shops, etc.

Immediate liquidity to support small business survival

The businesses will receive in a few days the income of the purchase / s advanced / s made / s in their establishment. In this way, businesses receive the injection of liquidity necessary to meet their payments during this time and, thus, be able to reopen the blind, once this situation passes.

The initiative is open to all businesses in Bizkaia that have had to be closed by the State of Alarm and has the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Cecobi, Bizkaidendak, BilbaoCentro, among others.

Businesses can register from today until April 23 on the web kreoenti.bbk.eus, by filling out a simple form.

Source: bbk.eus

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