September 10, 2018

BBK and BIAAF join forces in their training project at Central Saint Martins

"Disobedient Bodies: The Reimagined Human Form" the new BBK and BIAAF training project for fashion designers at Central Saint Martin’s 

Young designers with their research should inspire and inform creative developments by cutting shapes, building them, making samples, prototypes, developing surfaces and developing your designs both on mannequin and on paper. Using one of these starting points, they will create a contemporary, innovative and relevant collection, inspired by the interpretations and personal conclusions that they have reached throughout the exploration carried out for the creation of their portfolio.

The designers selected by the Committee are: Adrián Pérez, Ainhoa del Río, Asier Quintana, Beatriz Pérez, Betitxe Saitua, Emma Maggiotti, Itxaso Rojo, Jasone Corcuera, Lorena Alonso, Isabel Fernández, Maite Hernández, Mikel Lazkano, Oihane Garrido and Eneko Iturbe.

The designers will produce an extensive body of research in an experimental document format, searching and collecting images from various sources of objects or clothing, drawing, and taking their own photographs as a source of inspiration.

They will also process their visual investigation by developing creative ways to explore their design ideas through collage, drawing and 3D using mannequins to decide on proportions, volumes and techniques. Your experiments in 3D and 2D will be translated into forms by working directly on mannequin, creating responses by forming silhouettes resulting from your own research that will be transformed throughout a process of creation in experimental toiles, samples of finished clothing, ornamentation of pieces and decoration of surfaces, which gives rise to a complete and extensive design process whose final result is a collection of contemporary, innovative and authentic designs.