February 01, 2019

An approach to Haute Couture techniques

The masterclass will introduce participants to the techniques of Haute Couture.

The masterclass will introduce participants to theHaute Couture techniques of fantasy fashion. All of the sessions will include a demonstration of the specific sewing methods used at the Balenciaga maisons fantasy workshops. To ensure that the participants obtain practical skills with these techniques, they will be invited to make several models to which they will apply what they have learned.

They include a basque or bustier used as the basis for constructing evening gowns, and an evening gown on wich the will apply draping and puffing techniques. In both cases, as well as learning different kinds of stitches, they will learn different ways to iron depending on the different fabrics and garments.

Participants: Students or people holding qualifications in Fashion Design, Pattern Design and Dressmaking, fashion professionals and all those interested in learning or improving their knowledge with Haute Couture techniques.

Requirements: Participants must have and be able to prove that they have average knowledge of sewing techniques.

Dates: Fron 29th to 31st March 2019 (total 20 hours).

Registration: Registration will be open from the day this masterclass is announced until (and including) February 14. Those wishing to participate must complete the online registration form. Candidates are required to submit a motivation letter stating why they want to participate in the activity, their connection to its content, and a curriculum vitae specifying their training and experience in the world of fashion.

Number of participants: The maximum number of participants will be 20 people. The participants will be selected based on the requested documentation and the assignation of places will be communicated from February 25.

Language: The masterclass will be given in Spanish.

Price: 195 euros. The price includes the materials required.


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