September 24, 2018

After 68, Art and artistic practices in the Basque Country 1968-2018

The new exhibition of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum covers Basque art from the year 68

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum opens on November 7 the
exhibition “After 68, Art and artistic practices in the Basque Country
. With a selection of almost 150 works, including works of painting,
sculpture, photography and video art, the exhibition covers Basque art from the
emblematic year 68, to the present.

Around 100 artists of different generations and movements
share space in this exhibition, which allows us to know the forms of
modernization of art carried out in the context of the Basque Country during
the turn of the century, as well as the transcendence that these artists have
had in the national and international panorama.

The exhibition is made up of works belonging to the Museum
of Fine Arts collection itself, together with pieces borrowed from other
museums and private collections such as the Reina Sofia National Art Museum,
ARTIUM, the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona or the Kunstmuseum Basel.

The exhibition will occupy the entire modern building of the
museum and chronologically visit this period, not only through the works
described above, but also through archival materials such as books, writings
and audiovisual materials. Curated by Miriam Alzuri, Begoña González and Miguel
Zugaza, the exhibition will be completed with music, film and conference
cycles, as well as an extensive educational program.