septiembre 20, 2017

On September 21 and 22 BAU, the third edition of the BAU Design Forum is held, the interdisciplinary design and communication conferences organized by BAU, Barcelona’s University Design Center. 

Rafa Martínez de Folch Studio, Laia Miret of PlayGround, Virginia Tassinari, Joan Miquel Vado of La Borda, CarrySomers of Fashion Revolution, Vermibus of OpenWalls Gallery, Miguel Mesa de Castillo, Mercè Rua de Holón and Elisabeth Lorenzi, are the participants of BAU Design Forum 2017. They will debate on the social, political and environmental implications of any act of design, understood as an act of transformation of the world in which we live.

BAU Design Forum

21st September de 16 – 21 hrs
22nd September 16 – 21.30 hrs

Tickets here: 10€ one day and 16€ two days.

BAU, Centro Universitario del Diseño de Barcelona 
(c/ Pujades, 118 edificio A, Barcelona)

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