Luisa Zanetta

Luisa Zanetta



2022 - Finalist

Bossa Nova



Bossa nova brings nostalgia for happy moments with friends and family, remember a day on the beach in Rio, then a medicine cabinet. The food, the music, the people, everything is a perfect set. A conversation of people in love with life, is the sound of happy years, the light of a smile that comes from the heart. Bossa is having an aptitude for sympathy.



The context in which this collection was created is very important, I came to live alone in Barcelona to study, and I missed my family and my country a lot. So to get closer I have created a collection of memories of happy moments with the people I love. Music connects us, and not only the musical style, but living in a bossa way, I usually say that bossa is a power, not everyone can live happily and value every moment of life, and that for me is a luxury .


The choice of fabrics was based on the linen suits and shirts used in the bossa nova era, a very fine linen with drape, which allows you to be cool and chic in the Brazilian summer. Organza and silk since I am looking for a collection that is fresh and light, and that allows you to play with the nuances of transparencies. All fabrics are 100% natural, the linen is from a store that recycles fabrics in Barcelona and organza and silk are remnants of past collections during my university life.




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