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Franziska Fuerpass

Franziska Fuerpass



University of Applied Arts, Fashion Department (Austria)

FEMME MAISON is the first project by Franziska Fuerpass and George Bezhanishvili.The collection is based on the work of the french artist Louise Bourgeois. Her endless world of phantasy is mostly influenced by emotional expressions from her familiar background. Louises works are portraits of a relationship, considering an entity in relation to it´s surroundings. Bourgeois´ pieces consist of erotic and sexual images and also of forms found in nature, dealing with terms of fear, protection and intimacy. Regarding to Bourgeois´ thoughts about the differences between the real space and psychological space, like her spider sculptur where she can walk around her, be underneath her and feel her protection, we wanted to create a women´s complexity universe, where the presence of the garment form...