Bilbao International Art&Fashion

October 09, 2015


The Bilbao 15 team met again to present to the media the portfolios developed at London’s Central Saint Martin’s College.

Last October the 8th, a press conference took place at Bilbao’s "Sala BBk" where the designers who attended the intensive course at London’s Central Saint Martins College last month thanks to the BBK Foundation and Bilbao International Art & Fashion platform, commented what they have learnt both in a personal and professional way. They shared their experience about how they perceive the fashion industry from a sustainable and concious point of view.

The press conference was presided by Leire Aragón, Head of "Obra Social BBK", Charo Alvarez, Head of BIAAF and as representative of the designers Usune Bravo. 

The designers explained the importance of creating sustainable and consciouss collections as this is a key factor in the fashion industry now days.

As a conclusion, they all agreed on the importance of supporting young fashion talents, and are determined to keep working in developing the emerging fashion industry in our region.