Bilbao International Art&Fashion

October 26, 2016

Baxi Project

BAXI has remained true to its commitment of offering optimal comfort at home with the development of the BAXI Project.

Following a period of research and with a focus on its R&D strategy, BAXI has developed, in collaboration with La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, the first garment capable of measuring the bodys temperature and sending the information (collected via a mobile application) to the residential devices that adjust the temperature inside the home. 

Modesto Lomba, the designer of the BAXI Project collection, explained the effort involved in creating garments with these features and highlighted that it has been a great challenge as well as a tremendous source of personal satisfaction because we have developed an unofficial uniformfor comfort.

The result has been a garment equipped with a number of sensors located at four points to measure the body’s temperature. The sensors are placed between the sleeves, where two sensors collect the peripheral temperature and a sensor positioned under each arm measures the bodys core temperature. Each sensor also measures the humidity, which is the parameter used to determine the apparent temperature. A central controller collects all the data, which is then synchronized and sent to the Cloud. 

All the data obtained by the garment is uploaded to the Cloud and processed in terms of the core body temperature and the peripheral temperature in order to reach conclusions about the person’s comfort when the measurements were taken and then sent to an Android application. The data is displayed in dynamic graphs that are updated periodically with new data. 

This technological application monitors the temperature and comfort of each family member, and even receives notifications for specific situations, such as fever, hypothermia or other health-related warnings.

With the data obtained, all the information can be transmitted to the device that regulates the atmosphere inside the home (thermostat or air conditioning application) in order to adjust the temperature at any time.