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August 02, 2016

Fashion Weekend Lab will take place in Madrid

Fashion Weekend Lab held its first edition during the days 21, 22 and 23 of October at Campus Madrid, appearing as the first entrepreneurial event that encourages the creation of fashion startups.

During the weekend, the 100 participants will work on different teams in order to create from an own idea a minimum viable product. They will receive the help and advice of mentors and professionals of different areas that will accompany them during these days. A unique opportunity for fashion designers, stylists and creative work in cooperation with webmasters, computer scientists, journalists, publicists, and financiers interested in business management and marketing; in order to create a total of 10 startups related to fashion sector.

Adolfo Berraquero, CEO of Fashion Weekend Lab, says that ’we created this event due to the large growth being experienced by the fashion industry and in turn, the lack of awareness for knowing how to start working in this area. Furthermore, normally the entrepreneurial sector do not recognized a designer or stylist as an entrepreneur, so we want to change that point of view. It is a great opportunity for networking and work hand in hand with future colleagues and partners’ Fashion Weekend Lab is possible thanks to the collaboration of different companies and professionals related to the sector of entrepreneurship and fashion as European Institute Entrepreneurship (EIE), Climbcrew Venture Capital or FashionBiz 2.0.

In addition, as an added benefit for the knowledge of the participants, the event counts with wellknown mentors: Assaad Awad (International fashion designer), Ines Rovira and Alvaro Mel (both fashion influencer), FIU (creativity) or Javier Esteban (professional event organizer), among others.

To participate in the first of three editions (the next will take place in Paris and Milan at early 2017) you can buy your ticket here.

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