Bilbao International Art&Fashion

October 28, 2017

Jewellery workshop inspired in Anni Albers

The course will take place at the Guggenheim Museum as part of the retrospective dedicated to the artist

A few months ago we talked about the new exhibition dedicated to textile artist Anni Albers at the Guggenheim Museum. Probably many of you have already enjoyed the pieces displayed, a selection of spectacular tapestries, lithographs, textile designs, etc. If you did, you may have encountered a few pieces of jewellery too. Those pieces were part of an "anti-luxury" collection created alongside her pupil, Alexander Reed, during her time as a professor at Black Mountain College, and were made using everyday material such as paper clips, bobby pins and nuts.

The Guggenheim Museum offers the next 7th and 9th of November a workshop lead by designer Matxalen Krug in which the attendees will learn more about how these materials where used and their interpretation from a modern design perspective.

Venue: Zero Espazioa
Time: 6-8 pm
Tickets: €20 members, €24 general public.
Minimum: 8 people per group, maximum: 25

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