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July 24, 2017

Two new Yves Saint Laurent museums will open in October

Located in Paris and Marrakech, they will display the work of the famous French designer

The renowned figure of French designer Yves Saint Laurent will be honored this year with the creation of not one, but two museums. From October, two museums will open in Paris and Marrakech dedicated to one of the most important designers in history. In Paris, the museum will be located in the legendary headquarters of the fashion house at avenue Marceau, where Yves Saint Laurent worked until his retirement in 2002 and current home of the Foundation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent, a 450 m2 building that will display both retrospective showcases and temporary thematic exhibitions. Thanks to Yves Saint Laurent’s meticulous conservation work, the Foundation owns a large archive of more than 5000 haute couture pieces and hundreds of ready-to-wear garments, in addition to sketches, client records, fashion shows invitations, photographs, pattern samples and many other documents beginning in the 60s.

The retrospectives will serve as the museum’s permanent exhibition, rotating its pieces every six months for conservation purposes. The first one will open from inauguration day until September 2018. Then, the first temporary exhibition will open, named L’Asie rêvée d’Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent’s Imaginary Asia), which will focus on the desginer’s Asian influences.

On the other hand, the Foundation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent will open the Museum Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech next October 19th, located in a new 4000 m2 bulding. The project seeks to operate as a cultural centre in which, besides the display of around a thousand Saint Laurent garments, there will be exhibition galleries (the first temporary exhibition will be dedicated to orientalist painter Jacques Majorell), a library about bereber culture, an auditorium and a bookshop.

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