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June 27, 2017

Bilboko Kalealdia 2017

Art fills the streets of Bilbao, from June 26th until July 1st

Yesterday was the first day of Bilboko Kalealdia’s new edition, the street theater and arts festival that every year fills Bilbao’s streets. This year, the programme includes theatre, circus, puppet shows, clown, cabaret and dance performances. The shows come from companies all around the world, from Chile, to France or United Kingdom. Basque companies have also an special place during the festival, where they present their newest acts.

The performances will take place in different locations of Bilbao, such as the surroundings of the Arriaga Theatre, the Plaza Nueva or el Arenal. However, is Doña Casilda’s park, specially adorned for the occasion, where most of the action will occur.

You can learn everything about this year’s programme in the following video

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