Bilbao International Art&Fashion

June 06, 2017

Bill Viola: A Retrospective

From June 30th to November 9th Bilbao will host the msot important pieces of work of the renowned videoartist

From June 30th the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents the exhibition Bill Viola: A Retrospective, dedicated to one of the main figures of video art. The display follows Viola’s career from the 70s, with works such as Four Songs (1976) and The Reflecting Pool (1977-79), until the present day, when new technologies have allowed him to create big installations like Going Forth By Day (2002).

Curated by Lucía Agirre and sponsored by Iberdrola, the exhibition explores some of the main themes in the Viola’s work, like a lifelong inquiry into the human condition, including birth and death, and the processes of change, rebirth, and transformation. Other parallel activities will accompany the retrospective, for example the experimental workshop Experimenting with the moving image and a showing of Tristan and Isolde that took place at Paris National Opera in 2005 and included a video from Bill Viola.

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